The next stage in the re-development of the roads in the town of Gatton will mean that Main Street will be closed between Little and Denning Streets from 6.00 am on Saturday, 12 August to 6.00 pm on Sunday, 13 August. The intersections of these streets with Main Street will not be affected.

We expect that the work will be completed at this time without further disruption to traffic.

Motorists should note that Main Street will be closed over the weekend during the hours indicated.

No university bus services will operate through the area between Little and Denning Streets. However, alternative services will operate on bus routes 566 and 45 between Gatton Road, the town centre and the university.

The Transport and Roads Department apologises for any inconvenience caused while improvements are in progress.


Questions 1-5 Read the notice about road works below. In boxes 1-5 on your answer sheet write:

TRUE if the statement is true

FALSE if the statement is false

NOT GIVEN if the information is not given in the notice


1. The road will be closed for two days and not re-opened until Monday.

2. The road will be open as far as Little Street.

3. Work on the road will continue each weekend for the next month.

4. Temporary traffic lights will operate at intersections with Main Street.

5. There will be bus services to the university throughout the weekend.



1. Your enrolment form must be accompanied by the course deposit of £100 or, if you are booking accommodation through the school, your course and accommodation deposit of £200

2. Any balance of course and accommodation fees must be paid in full by the first day of your course.

3. All bank charges incurred in sending money to Ashwood College must be paid by the student.

4. Deposits and payments are non-refundable and non-transferable.

5. A charge of £20 will be made for any changes made to the bookings.




Each hour consists of 50 minutes’ tuition and a 10-minute break.

Public and School Holidays:

There is no reduction in the fee where a course includes a Public Holiday, except for two weeks at Christmas.


The above centres of Ashwood College do not accept students under 16 years of age.


Students are expected to attend regularly and on time. Students forfeit tuition if they arrive late, are absent or leave before the course ends.

Student Holidays:

Students on long courses, except examination preparation courses, may take a holiday of one week every 12 weeks without losing their course fee for this period.

Location and Time of Course:

Ashwood College has two all-year centres and a summer centre in Midhaven. Before entry to the school, students must take an entry test to determine the level of class they enter. We cannot guarantee the time or location of a student’s course although every attempt is made to place students in the centre and at the time of their choice.


Questions 6 – 11 Read the enrolment details for Ashwood College on the following page and look at the statements below

In boxes 6-11 on your answer sheet write:

TRUE  if the statement is true

FALSE  if the statement is false

NOT GIVEN  if the information is not given in the passage

Example                                                                                 Answer

Overseas students may enroll for a course                               TRUE

at the college from their home country


6. Overseas students must pay a deposit when they apply for a course at the college.

7. Outstanding fees are payable by the end of the first week of the course.

8. Classes are organised according to ability level.

9. There is a break between each lesson.

10. Students may change courses at any time during the term.

11. Any student is permitted to take a week’s holiday during a 12-week course


Desperate to find friends with common interests?

Urgently in need of student contacts around college?

Looking for different cultural and religious experiences?

Wanting some good discussion?

Don’t look any further!


GT Reading Test 2 Part 2 Image 1A………………………………This club was first started by a group of friends who enjoyed going to the cinema. When our trips became more frequent we realised that there must be others who also shared our love of movies. This club is for those people. Membership gives wide access to other activities like basketball and football as well as barbeques and other social functions. We don’t just enjoy movies.

GT Reading Test 2 Part 2 Image 2B……………………………….The association has many opportunities to debate and we are a non-political unbiased international organisation which aims to promote international awareness on campus. We establish links and access to the organisation’s agencies and other internationalist organisations and their resources. Our plans this year include discussion groups, guest speakers and to build a model of the UN General Assembly.

GT Reading Test 2 Part 2 Image 3C……………………………..Whether for fun or debating experience, we discuss everything from personal experience, future society or feminism. This year we plan an internal competition, weekly debates and beginners’ lessons as well as chances to compete nationally. Whether it be to improve your verbal or social skills the society provides both!

GT Reading Test 2 Part 2 Image 4D………………………………Want to be a movie star? Then go somewhere else! On the other hand, want to work really hard for great rewards? Then come and join the club where the interesting theatre is created. We usually put on three productions each year. So if you like to write, paint, act, direct or do anything in the theatre, come and put your name down with us.

If you are interested in joining any of these clubs, you can leave a message for the

President at the CAS Office in the Student Union Building.

And don’t forget the CAS Ball is an annual event!

                                                      This year it’s being held on 22 December!

 PASSAGE 3                                      Questions 12-17

Read the notice on below about Student Clubs and Societies. The notice has four main paragraphs A-D.

Choose the most suitable heading for each paragraph from the list of headings below.

Write the appropriate numbers i-x in boxes 12-15 on your answer sheet.

List of Headings

i. English Society

ii. Education Club

iii. Film Appreciation Society

iv. Drama Society

v. Music Club

vi. Games Society

vii. Women’s Club

viii. Debating Club

ix. United Nations Student Club

x. Technical Students’ Club


14. Paragraph  A

15. Paragraph  B

16. Paragraph  C

17. Paragraph  D


Questions 16 and 17:

Using NO MORE THAN THREE WORDS, answer the following questions.

Write your answers in boxes 18 and 19 on your answer sheet.

16. How do you let the CAS President know you are interested in joining a club?

17. How often is the CAS Ball held?